Amy Kate

Amy Kate Bryant is not your ordinary artist. She draws upon her decades of experience on stage to deliver a quality of sound rarely seen in solo performers

At heart, Amy is an acoustic-pop singer and multi-instrumentalist, drawing on pop and roots influences. She comes from a distinctly un-musical family. Bryant’s musical upbringing was based around almost fanatic love of radio. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Music whilst working as a professional musician throughout Australia.

She can entertain any crowd, the bigger the better.

Known for her lovely sweet voice and almost ever present in every wedding events, Amy Kate’s career goals are to continue performing with her unique blend of fun, energetic and distinctive vocal style.

She one day aspires to launch her own Brisbane based Music School to share her love of stagecraft and music performance to others. Bryant is well on her way, mentoring, coaching and practicing as a professional musician.


  • Specialises in weddings/functions
  • Solo acoustic but can play with accompaniment
  • Light acoustic covers
  • Perfect for daytime or early evening event


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