We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I cancel my booking?

We understand that situations can change. As best we can, we will work with you to accommodate any changes. If the event is cancelled entirely (wet weather etc), booking deposits will not be refunded. If the performance is cancelled within 7 days of the event, payment in full is required.

What happens if I change my booking?

We will try our best to accommodate any changes to a schedule. Please be aware that we are often working with a large team of freelance professionals. If event/performance details are changed after the booking is confirmed (deposit received) the artists will try their best to make it happen. If the last minute changes cannot be accommodated, booking deposit will be paid to the original booked artist and we will find a new artist for the event. The show must go on. Also see [Booking: Last Minute Updates: Can the band start 1 hour earlier?]

What happens if the band gets sick or splits up?

We work exclusively with professional acts. It’s extremely rare that after confirmation a band becomes unavailable. However, we are human beings and people can get sick, have families, unforeseen situations can arise. If for any reason the original lineup cannot perform we will find a suitable replacement that meets your approval. If that’s not possible we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


Wet Weather Contingencies?

Is the performance area outdoors? Please advise us so we can work out a wet weather contingency. Some healthy pessimism is helpful when planning for the weather and outdoor events. It can save you show-stopping situation from a bit of drizzle.

I have a special event coming up. Which bands can look at to perform?

We work closely with some of the top acts in the Australian scene. The artists listed in our ‘Artists Section’ we couldn’t recommend with any higher regard. So please go deep, explore. Alternatively, tell us a little about your event. If you have something specific in mind, a theme or specific vibe you’re trying to achieve. Don’t be shy, we love connecting clients with the right entertainment.

I would like a quote

You can do this now by filling out a booking enquiry form one of our team will be in touch in the next 24hrs.

What is the booking process?

1. Tell us about the event We want to know the basic info (what/when/where) as well as the kind of music you’re into. If you have something specific in mind please let us know. You can do this by fill out a booking enquiry form 2.Options & Approval We look at your event brief and put forward some entertainment options which may suit along with details on costing and special requirements. You tell us which one is your favourite then we get everyone’s availability confirmed. 3. Confirmation Once we have full confirmation we will collect a booking deposit to secure the date. From there, you can consider the entertainment locked in and ready to perform at the event.

Why do you want to know my budget?

We work closely with a wide range of acts, from instrumental dinner jazz soloists to seven-piece searing dance-funk outfits with live horns. A ballpark budget will help us quickly tailor make a lineup of entertainment options which are going to suit your event.

Can the band start 1 hour earlier/later?

Once the band’s call time and performance time are established, we like to stick to the script. This being said, we do understand that events can be dynamic and we will try our best to accommodate any changes to a schedule. Noting: Additional hours to the artist’s call-time (earlier arrival or later departure) or additional performance time will attract additional fee. If the artist can accommodate changes to a schedule they will do so, no probs. If the artist is not able to accommodate last minute changes we can find a new act which may suit, however it may result in forfeiture of booking deposit. Also see [Cancellations: What happens if I cancel my booking?] Also see [Cancellations: What happens if I change my booking?]

What is Artist Call-Time?

It is an industry term used to describe when the time or number of hours the artist is on-site and available to the event.

What is a rider?

Industry term for the meal refreshments allocated to the performers. Whilst we do hear of some crazy riders. These are arranged to get the best performance from the artist. Rider is supplied at the cost of the event/client. If the artist is contracted for 3hrs+ AND the event is catered. Hot meals and refreshments are required. If the artist is contracted less than 3hrs or the event is not catered refreshments only are required. Alcoholic refreshments are not necessary but usually greatly appreciated by the artists and helpful when setting a festive or party mood.

Do your bands travel?

Most acts we work with will travel domestically or internationally for performance. We can assist with the logistics of travel/accommodation. Just let us know for more details.

How long do bands play for?

We work with events of all shapes and sizes. We have booked artists to travel interstate to perform a single song (that’s right) through to 8 hour festival format events. Pro tip: Think about when you would like the entertainment to run. Then split that into 45 minute blocks. This is generally referred to as a ‘set’. Bands will generally either play 1x60min set or multiple 45min sets In between, you can run a DJ or ipod playlist We recommend 45min sets to keep things fresh. This will get you the best impact as it keeps both the audience and performers from fatiguing.

Where can I see your bands play?

Artists we work with are all full-time professional acts. There will likely be an event coming up near you. Reach out to us on the contact page and we’ll give you their upcoming dates.

What songs does the band play?

Our artists specialise in crowd-pleasing covers. However, everyone has their own flavour. Please reach out at our contact page to get a copy of the band’s most recent repertoire. From there, you’re welcome to highlight any songs that you would like played at the event.

Can the band play ‘Daryl Braithwaite - The Horses’ (or other requests)

Firstly check in on the band’s repertoire (see previous point). If the band knows a song, they will happily play it for you. If the band doesn’t know a song, they will need to learn it. You want the band to be confident playing your favourite song so they will need to rehearse.

Can I choose exactly what songs are played?

Professional bands pick the mood of the room and deliver songs to suit. Micro-managing their setlist or curveball requests on the day can be counter-productive so if you have very specific needs and timings of songs, please do let us know early in the piece so we can try to accommodate.

OK, But what do I do next?

Everybody’s different, So here are 3 ways to find fun fast! 1) Do it yourself - If you’d like, the site is ready for you. Search, Watch & Listen now and find the fun! Create a shortlist. Tell us your preference booking enquiry form, we’ll do the rest.
2) A sommelier's pairing - tell us about yourself, your guests, your favourite music. We’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Simply email us and we can get the conversation started.
3) Your Big Day - tell us a little about your event, we can give our professional opinion as to what kinds of music works. If there are any Buttermint artists may work well we can put them forward as an option.


How Do We Pay

1. Bank Deposit / Credit card - Details supplied on Invoice 2. COD - Cash is always welcome and can be paid on day of event.

Booking Deposit

To reserve an act for your event we require a booking deposit (20% of the total fee). The remaining 80% is due week-of-event. Once that is received:
- If the event is cancelled for any reason, booking deposit is withheld
- In the unlikely event of the act (band/DJ/artist) become unavailable (for any reason). Booking deposit is refunded in full to the client.

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