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PA Hire

Buttermint Entertainment also offers PA and Production services

Buttermint Entertainment also offers PA and Production services to supply any sound, staging or lighting equipment needed for your event.

We have a wide range of PA & Production options available in-house and have great relationships with local suppliers. The sky is the limit!

‘Blackhat’ PA & Production Package:

(suitable for outdoor concert <1000cap)

Mixing Desk & Computer Accessories:

1 x Studiolive 16-4-2 + Case + Reference Mic

1 x MacBook Pro

1 x Belkin Wireless Router

1 x iPad


4 x JBL Prx 612 powered speakers

2 x JBL 610 powered speakers

2 x Jbl 618xlf Powered Subs.

2x DB technology active speakers Opera series


4 x Hercules Boom Stands

1 x Short Boom Stand for kick

4 x Other Various Mic Stands

4 x Speaker Stands

2 x K&M Double Adaptor Speaker Forks

2 x Guitar Stands


27 x XLR Microphone Cables

6 x Short-Balanced Male XLR to Jack Cables

4 x 10m Black Piggyback Extension Cables

6 x 5m Long Black IEC Piggyback Power Cables

1 x 1m Short Black IEC Piggyback Power Cables

3 x Short Black IEC Power Cables

1 x Black Belkin 8-Plug Surge Protected Power Pack

Microphones & DI’s:

3 x Sennheiser e904 Tom mics with clips

2 x Shure Beta 57s with clips

1 x Shure Beta 52

1 x Presonus PRM 1 reference microphone (for SMAART calibration)

2 x Radial stagebug active 48v SB-1 powered Di

1 x Behringer Ultra Di

1 x Radial ProD2 stereo passive Di

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