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Atrue entertainer, Breanna loves every aspect of performing whether it be on stage singing, dancing or acting. She is a passionate musician and one of the busiest working performers we know. Her versatile performances can either take on a solo format (vocals/guitar) or as the frontwoman for a larger outfit.


You’ll always find Breanna around town as she maintains an active involvement in both the Brisbane film and music scene. She loves running, hiking, skateboarding and basically anything active. Bree is passionate about all styles of music from soul, r’nb to dance music.



If you want an independent, approachable and dedicated performer, Breanna Fielding is your perfect choice.



    • World class vocalist

    • Seriously, you need to see Breanna

    • Works solo/duo all the way to six/seven piece band

    • Specialises in pop/soul/r’nb

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